How We Operate

Redbud Brands is not a traditional venture capital investment fund. We are operators who partner with founders to create and scale innovative consumer brands, typically at the inception or prototype stage, leveraging our corporate shared services organization across our brand portfolio.

Our Structure

Redbud Brands is an operating holding company led by Brian Goldberg and John Ferrari. Our shared services team has decades of expertise in building and scaling consumer brands and companies.

Each of our brands and operating companies have dedicated brand teams that scale over time - starting with typically a few dedicated resources, including the brand CEO/founder.

shared services team of functional and domain experts that provide strategic direction and operational execution across our entire brand portfolio.
investors and strategic advisors with robust backgrounds across the consumer sector.

Our Focus

We focus on driving innovation and creating disruptive, high-growth, better-for-you brands in the consumer sectors, including:

Health & Wellness

Food & Beverage

Beauty & Personal Care


Tech & Other Consumer

Why a venture studio?

Our model enables us to better support and influence the outcomes of our brands, given our 40+ person shared services team and 100+ investor advisory network.

The data demonstrates this: 60% of studio-backed companies reach Series A funding, compared to only 30% of traditional startups, according to Global Startup Studio Network. Our model de-risks entrepreneurship, enabling talented but more risk adverse individuals with great new venture ideas to pursue their vision - unlocking an otherwise untapped pool of talent and new concepts. This same approach can be adapted to brands that are already in market, but have plateaued and need a strategic operating partner to help take them to the next level.


Through our venture studio platform, we can build brands from scratch. We work with entrepreneurs to go from idea to an in-market brand through our stage-gated brand development process, supported by our 40+ person shared services team comprised of functional and industry experts.

Case Study

TSUMo Snacks: We partnered with a venture fund and major celebrity to create a brand offering cannabis infused salty snacks.

How we operate

Redbud has six core operational stages that span the brand lifecycle, from inception to exit:


Ideation & Market Validation

Redbud partners with entrepreneurs to ideate and validate new ventures in targeted sectors.


Co-Founder & Project Team Formation

In collaboration with the brand founder, Redbud builds brand value-aligned teams. Redbud shared services resources are dedicated to those ventures to build the MVP.


Business Plan & Product and Brand Development:

Redbud shared services and co-founders jointly develop the brand vision and test product-market fit.



Redbud advances select new ventures, hiring a full operating team to commercialize the business, and leverages extensive network of go-to-market retailer, distributor, and digital marketing partners.



Redbud can provide early-stage funding from the venture studio and can secure additional growth financing.


Support, Scale, & Exit:

Redbud supports ventures throughout the lifecycle with a strong shared services platform, governance, and relationships with strategic acquirers and late-stage venture firms.

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