Redbud Ventures is an investment platform that provides growth capital to companies who will benefit from Redbud's operational expertise and deep network.  Multi-decade relationships with industry experts, investors, advisors, sales brokers, trade organizations, talent, and more provides access to high-quality investment opportunities.  

We typically partner with companies at the Seed or Series A stage although may invest in later stage rounds if we believe there continues to be a compelling risk/reward.  Investment sizes range from $250K to $20M+ and reflect our vast syndication network for larger investments. Redbud Ventures harnesses the power of an impactful community of experts to propel our portfolio companies to achieve their mission.

Our Structure

Our Fund Principals are proven operators and top-tier investors with track records of success and experience navigating challenging economic conditions.

The Fund is anchored by talented investors from Satori Capital who have demonstrated success in creating value for companies throughout all stages of development. 

We are also supported by an Investment Committee and best-in-class co-Investor network has deep industry expertise, strategic relationships and proven investment performance.



in Exits

Fund Leadership

Our fund principals are proven operators and investors.

The Fund will be anchored by Satori Capital. Redbud and Satori have partnered together on over $100M in consumer investment transactions since 2021. We share an aligned investment approach grounded in conscious capitalism and a strong passion for health and wellness investment opportunities.

Brian Goldberg

Founder & Managing Partner

John Ferrari

Operating Partner

Asher Hochberg

Chief Investment Officer

Affiliation with Redbud Studio & Fund Benefits

Redbud Ventures benefits from access to the Redbud Studio's shared services team and investor/advisor network who help to de-risk investments and optimize growth and operational performance.



The Redbud Ventures team, including its ecosystem of consumer industry experts and investors, sources investment opportunities.



We perform deep operational diligence on investment opportunities.

We work with category experts, buyers, retailers and operators that validate opportunities and identify key risks.



We are not passive investors. We take leadership positions in brands where we have conviction, build better boards and operating teams, and support them with strategic assets.



Redbud Ventures is connected with major acquirers and have extensive experience navigating public exits.