Incubated Brands


Hispanic-focused alcohol beverage

First & Foremost

Supplement routine, designed by dietitians for optimal absorption

Operation Good Boy

Products for military veterans and their dogs


DTC wellness and anti-aging platform


BFY, RTD citrus alcohol beverage made from fermented orange juice

Promised Grounds

Faith-based coffee and baked goods brand for the Christian community


Natural supplement to power up your energy and focus

TSUMo Snacks

Savory snack cannabis edibles

Investment Brands

Med Mama

Hand-crafted organic skincare and feminine care products


Plant-based nutritional supplements


Syrups and sauces for drink flavoring


A snack company shining a light on the goodness of regenerative dairy


Non-Alcoholic Wine - Wine ritual without the side effects

Physician’s Choice

Dietary supplements made with clinically tested ingredients

Track Record

Amplify Snacks

Better-for-you snacks platform, offering brands like Skinny Pop Popcorn. $1.6B exit to Hershey.

Urban Decay

Leading color cosmetic brand known for its iconic eyeshadow palettes. Exit to L’Oreal.

Waterloo Sparkling Water

Sparkling water with true-to-fruit flavors containing 0 calories, sugar, or sodium. Exit to private equity.


Innovative nutrition solutions for pre‐workout (C4), post‐workout, protein, testosterone and weight loss.

Kettle & Fire

Shelf-stable, nutrient-rich bone broth made from 100% grass-fed and finished organic bones.

Sweet Leaf Tea

Organic RTD beverages made from simple ingredients like real cane sugar and tea leaves. Exit to Nestle.

Deep Eddy Vodka

Spirits company based in Austin, TX. Exit to Heaven Hill.


DTC subscription service that delivers fresh, veterinary-approved pet meals made from real food.

Pet Honesty

Pet supplement business. Exit to private equity.