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Partnering with Redbud means having access to all the functional and industry experts needed to launch a new consumer brand. We move nimbly to capture market opportunities, working intimately with our co-founders to accelerate a shared vision.


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Picadas, bebidas hechas en México con amor y mucho sabor

Hugo Martínez y Antonio Salinas son los creadores de Picadas, bebidas refrescantes que incluyen todo el toque mexicano para resaltar más las raíces mexicanas en cada una de sus presentaciones.


These Are the 2022 Wellness Trends You Need to Know About

Here we are... at the beginning of 2022. I don't know about you, but the thought of a new year is both exciting and daunting. My mind seems to race every time January 1 rolls around. Where did 2021 go? What are my goals and aspirations for 2022? Can I take a nap already?


NAPJITSU Instagram Live Event with “The Sleep Doctor”, Dr. Michael Breus, PhD

Did you miss our Instagram Live with @thesleepdoctor Dr. Breus? Check it out here! Our CEO/co-founder, Laura Brooks, and Dr. Breus talk all things National Nap Day and Daylight Savings Time so you can get back on track. And NAPJITSU is here to help!


These Science Backed Nootropic Supplements Are the Secret Weapon of Gamers, Traders and High Performers.

Most of us have felt at one time or another, a strong desire to add hours to our day. The culture of overachievement that has defined our generation makes it almost impossible for us to unplug, relax and allow our mind and body to replenish the energy reserves used to maintain the demanding pace of our daily professional and personal activities.


NAPJITSU Launches Patent-Pending Energy Supplement Line to Awaken the Ninja Within

NAPJITSU, the revolutionary energy brand harnessing the power of time-released caffeine and nootropics, announced today the official launch of three brain-boosting energy supplements to market. The initial SKUs leverage patent-pending technology to mimic the cognitive effects of sleep, whether you're looking for instant energy, a power nap for sustained energy and focus, or a better night of sleep.


SunDaze Fermented Cocktails Expands Distribution In Northern California

Southern California – The Golden State’s demand for juice-based, ready-to-drink cocktails continues well into winter 2021-22. SunDaze Fermented Cocktails, based in Southern California, signed with Mussetter Distributing in Auburn, California and the brand’s alcoholic beverages are now available in Northern California at independent retailers and chain groceries in the Sacramento region.


Ray of Light: Palm Springs move inspires SunDaze drink creation for desert audiences

A veteran of the beverage industry, part-time Palm Springs resident Arthur Gallego beams with pride for SunDaze, his new line of fermented canned cocktails inspired by pool-time vibes.


Off the MRKT

After what had felt as an eternity for some parents and guardians, many kids have finally returned to their school campus. Whether the kids have just started kindergarten or were shipped off to an out of state college from their cozy home, every parental figure deserves to sleep in a little more and wake up to a delicious and fresh breakfast cocktail.



One of the best parts of brunch is undoubtedly mimosas! However, there’s usually a half bottle of champagne or two left at the end of day and no one to drink it… not to mention possible hangovers. Enter SunDaze, a newly launched canned cocktail made to enjoy at any hour of the day.


Yahoo! Life

SunDaze is a new line of canned, lightly fizzy cocktail drinks, based off a blend of Valencia orange juice. Each serving comes in at 6% ABV, 140 calories, with no added sugar. It’s advertised as being loaded with Vitamin C, probiotics, and antioxidants, but that’s not what’s most important. What’s really significant is that SunDaze cocktails are some of the best drinks I’ve had during the run of Fizz Biz.


The Austin Chronicle

Who said anything about St. Patrick’s Day? Who said booze is all about the Irish, or that the Irish are all about booze? Stop with the reinforcin’ o’ the stereotypes, already. Stop, we say, and prepare your favorite glasses to receive, any day of the year, a generous splash of some fine and spirited beverages – of which we’ve provided five examples below.

TSUMo Snacks

Names one of Thrillist’s best edibles of 2021

It’s been a decidedly great year for weed. We’ve had states like New Jersey and Arizona legalize, Congress passed the MORE act which puts another dent into federal prohibition, and dispensaries and other cannabis businesses were designated as “essential” amidst the pandemic.

TSUMo Snacks

Included in Food 52 20 Top Cannabis Edibles

If you hear the phrase “weed edible” and flinch, you’re not alone. My experience with THC-laced edibles, before the last year or so, was largely confined to eating a single, foul-tasting brownie at Bonnaroo and then becoming so uncomfortably high that I had to hide out in a tent for a while to contemplate the color blue, and also every bad thing I had ever done.

TSUMo Snacks

Included on MG Magazine’s Spring 2022 Buyer’s guide

New cannabis products are coming into the market at an incredible clip, and customers are embracing the diversity on shelves. Standards of manufacturing, cultivation, and brand positioning are improving around the country, giving cannabis consumers an unprecedented breadth of form factors, flavors, and feels.

TSUMo Snacks

Included on Leafly’s 2022 St. Patty’s Day edibles guide

The millions of revelers who pair legal cannabis with St. Patrick’s Day have unprecedented options for cross-fading, or skipping alcohol entirely on this boozy Irish holiday. All the legalization states—from California to Michigan to Maine—have green-lit more options than just generic ‘weed’ versus alcohol.

TSUMo Snacks

Latest capital raise featured in Benzinga

Marijuana brand TSUMo Snacks reported Thursday that it has raised a $4 million seed round led by Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital investment fund. TSUMo Snacks is focused on changing the way people consume THC, offering its innovative salty & savory cannabis-infused snacks.

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