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TSUMo Snacks

Included in Food 52 20 Top Cannabis Edibles

If you hear the phrase “weed edible” and flinch, you’re not alone. My experience with THC-laced edibles, before the last year or so, was largely confined to eating a single, foul-tasting brownie at Bonnaroo and then becoming so uncomfortably high that I had to hide out in a tent for a while to contemplate the color blue, and also every bad thing I had ever done.

TSUMo Snacks

Included on MG Magazine’s Spring 2022 Buyer’s guide

New cannabis products are coming into the market at an incredible clip, and customers are embracing the diversity on shelves. Standards of manufacturing, cultivation, and brand positioning are improving around the country, giving cannabis consumers an unprecedented breadth of form factors, flavors, and feels.

TSUMo Snacks

Included on Leafly’s 2022 St. Patty’s Day edibles guide

The millions of revelers who pair legal cannabis with St. Patrick’s Day have unprecedented options for cross-fading, or skipping alcohol entirely on this boozy Irish holiday. All the legalization states—from California to Michigan to Maine—have green-lit more options than just generic ‘weed’ versus alcohol.

TSUMo Snacks

Latest capital raise featured in Benzinga

Marijuana brand TSUMo Snacks reported Thursday that it has raised a $4 million seed round led by Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital investment fund. TSUMo Snacks is focused on changing the way people consume THC, offering its innovative salty & savory cannabis-infused snacks.